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CARBONTREE group is a young enterprise with the purpose to inspire colleagues, associates, and customers to achieve what every stakeholder believes in. We challenge the status quo in everything we do; by doing things differently; by developing trust, confidence, and reliability.

Carbontree have different business interest, including Pharmaceuticals, Health Tech, Electric Vehicles, Films & Media and Metals.

We have partnered with a leading Aluminum Rolled Product Manufacturer based in Dubai, UAE.

We are committed to delivering you high-quality customized aluminum steel sheets for both domestic and industrial use. Our professionals are available for you round the clock to resolve your queries and doubts. Renowned as a top Aluminum Rolled Products Importer, we equip you with an extensive range of aluminum coils with different finishing, thicknesses and sizes.

  • A qualified team with global corporate experience adding to 100 years, with a great cultural mix
  • Ideally located globally – cater to any client around the clock
  • USA and UK presence with expansion plans in Europe
  • Primed for growth with a strong base in UAE
  • Expansion of Production facilities and capability from Q403
  • Industry demand growing at a quick pace annually
  • A qualified team with global corporate experience adding to 100 years, with a great cultural background mix
  • Ideally located globally; Primed for growth with a strong base in UAE. US and UK presence with expansion plans
  • State-of-the-art Production facilities and enhanced/expanded rollouts from Q403
  • Deliver quality rolled products from series 1000 to 8000
  • Certificate of Origin from the Government of UAE
  • Mediatory counselling for liaison with procurers
  • Advise on specific landing requirements
  • Statutory compliance needs
  • Risk factors involved, for planning mitigations
  • industry-specific certifications or standards the products need to meet (eg. ASTM, JIS, etc.)
  • Capitalize on the current increase demand in the Industry

Aluminum coils, plates, sheets, strips, foils, wafers, tubes, rods, composite aluminum plates, color-coated aluminum coils and other products.

Alloy AA 1235 or AA 8079 conforming to Aluminum Assoiciation USA specification
Temper: Soft (Fully Annealed)
Surface aspect: One side dull and other side bright.
Winding: Bright side out or dull side out (as per customer’s requirement)
Thickness Tolerance: +/- 4 % over nominal thickness
Width tolerance: +1/-0 mm over nominal width
Pin hole count / sqm.
5 micron  
6 micron  
7 micron  
9 micron  
12 micron  
Wettability index : To withstand 72 dyne/cm(Soft), To withstand 32 dyne/cm(Hard),
Stickiness : Material shall fall freely on1.5m length
Width tolerance: +1/-0 mm over nominal width
Build up Straight
Core material Extruded Steel Core / Aluminum core customer requirement
Core ID 152 mm & 76 mm (optional)
Reel OD 450 – 750 mm as per customer need
Width Range 900 mm – 1600 mm
Joint identification Flag mark near joint
Packing Individually packed and placed in Wooden box in suspended position.
Roll identification Label on individual roll indicating thickness, Width, no. of joints, box no., Net weight, Gross weight.
Micron Inches
THICKNESS 0.15 µm to 600 µm 5.9055e-6 in to 0.023622 in Standard GB, JIS, DIN, ASTM
WIDTH <= 2600 µm <= 0.1023622 Temper O/H111 H112 H116/H321 H12/H22/H32 H14/H24/H34/H16/H26/H36 H18/H28/H38 H114/H194 ETC
WIDTH <= 1600 µm <= 0.6299213 Type Sheet/Plate/Coil/Roll
ALUMINUM GRADES 1000 Series     Industrial Pure Aluminum
1050, 1050A, 1060, 1070, 1100
  2000 Series     Aluminum - Copper Alloys
2024 (2A12), LY12, LY11, 2A11, 2A14 (LD10), 2017, 2A17
  3000 Series     Aluminum - Manganese Alloys
3A21, 3003, 3103, 3004, 3005, 3105
  4000 Series     Aluminum - Silicon Alloys
4A03, 4A11, 4A13, 4A17, 4004, 4032, 4043, 4043A, 4047, 4047A
  5000 Series     Aluminum - Magnesium Alloys
5052, 5083, 5454, 5754, 5005, 5086, 5182, 5A05, 5A06
  6000 Series     Aluminum - Manganese - Silicon Alloys
6063, 6061, 6060, 6351, 6070, 6181, 6082, 6A02
  7000 Series     Aluminum - Zinc - Manganese - Copper Alloys
7075, 7A04, 7A09, 7A52, 7A05
  • Carbontree is seeking India based metal distributor(s), Agent and industry experts for sales and promotion of its Dubai-based Aluminum FRP products.
  • We manufacture our products and complete customer specified finishing processes in Dubai, and then ship internationally against firm customer orders.
  • We currently provide Aluminum FRP to customers in Singapore, India and in the African continent.
  • Carbontree has the support functions and staff to successfully ship FRP internationally.
  • Our value chain can source high-quality low-cost Aluminum FRP products to customers.
  • Plans to expand operations to United States and Europe in the next quarter.

We would love to partner with industry professionals and experts for client acquisition, selling and distributing our products with Certificate of Origin from the Government of UAE.


We sincerely thank you for your interest in our association.


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