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APIs List
Carglumic Acid Hyperammonaemia 1188-38-1 IH DMF
Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate Anti- thrombotic 872728-81-9 IH/USP DMF
Dapagliflozin Anti-diabetic 461432-26-8 IH DMF
Empagliflozin Anti-diabetic 864070-44-0 IH DMF
Oseltamivir Phosphate Anti-viral 204255-1-8 IH/USP DMF
Silodosin Hypertension;Beningn prostatic hypertrophy 915095-89-5 IH DMF
Gliclazide Anti-diabetic 21187-98-4 IP/EP TDP
Ritonavir Anti-viral 155213-67-5 IP/USP TDP
Vildagliptin Anti-diabetic 274901-16-5 IH TDP
Rivaroxaban Anti-thrombotic 366789-02-8 IH TDP
Heparin Sodium Anti-coagulant 9041-08-1 IH TDP
Enaxoparin Sodium Anti-coagulant 679809-58-6 IH/IP/USP TDP
Comostat Mesylate Serine Protease Inhibitor 59721-29-8 IH TDP
Nafamostat Mesylate Serine Protease Inhibitor 82956-11-4 IH TDP
Canagliflozin Hemihydrate Anti-diabetic 928672-86-0 IH TDP
D-Penicillamine Chelating agent 52-67-5 IH TDP
Fingolamid Mutiple Sclerosis 162359-55-9 IH TDP
Posaconazole Anti-fungal 171228-49-2 IH TDP
Voriconazole Anti-fungal 137234-62-9 IH TDP
Tavaborole Anti-fungal 174671-46-6 IH TDP
6-Amino caproic acid Anti-fybrinolytic 60-32-2 IH TDP
Salbutamol Sulphate Anti-astamatic 51022-70-9 IP/EP/BP TDP
Varenicline tartarate Smoking cessation 375815-87-5 IH/IP TDP
Mirogabalin Besylate Neuropathic pain 1138245-21-2 IH/USP TDP
Iloperidone Hyperammonaemia 133454-47-4 IH TDP
Ruxlotinib Rheumatoid Arthritis 941678-49-5 IH TDP
Tofacitinib Rheumatoid Arthritis 540737-29-9 IH TDP
Pirfenidone Pulmonary Fibrosis 53179-13-8 IP/USP TDP
Fimasartan Hypertensive 247257-48-3 IP/USP TDP
Nelarabine Anti-inflammatory 121032-29-9 IP/IH TDP
Bempedoic Acid Cardiovasacular 738606-46-7 IH TDP
Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous Anti-bacterial 67-20-9 IP/USP TDP
Fosamprenavir Caclium Protease Inhibitors(HIV) 226700-81-8 IP/IH/USP TDP
Methylthioninium Chloride Urinary tract infection 61-73-4 IH TDP
2-Deoxy –D-glucose Covid-19 154-17-6 IH TDP
Dantrolene Sodium Muscle Relaxant 14663-23-1 IH/IP
Apalutamide Prostate Cancer 956104-40-8 IH TDP
Zanubrutinib Mantel cell mymphoma (MCL) 1691249-45-2 IH TDP
Regorafinib Colorectal Cancer 755037-03-7 IH TDP
Infigratinib Colorectal Cancer 872511-34-7 IH TDP
Imatinib Mesylate Anti-neoplastic 220127-57-1 IH TDP
Ibrutinib Anticancer 936563-96-1 IH TDP
Lapatinib Anticancer 231277-92-2 IH TDP
Pazopanib Anticancer 444731-52-6 IH TDP
Palbociclib Anticancer 571190-30-2 IH TDP
Nilotinib Anticancer 641571-10-0 IH TDP
Osimertinib Anticancer 1421273-65-0 IH TDP
Sitagliptin Phosphate Anti-diabetic 486460-32-6 IP/USP DMF
Cabergoline Hyperprolactinemia 81409-90-7 IP/USP/EP DMF
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APIs List

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DMF: Drug Master File

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